All of us have faced sudden requirements for money which have to meet up odd times and in order to satisfy these, we will start looking for a quick personal loan. The requirement could be for any kind of personal expenses . Even those struggling with debt on credit cards may wish to consolidate it under a single low cost personal loan.

Avail loans ranging from Rs.25,000/- to Rs.5,00,000/- with interest rates fixed 12%. In order to process, verify and list your personal loan request on our P2P lending platform for a one-time registration charge of Rs. 300/- is applicable for new borrow . And if already a member then 1% loan amount or Rs 2500/- whichever is higher will be taken to process for above Rs.15,000.

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One may avail loans for several purposes such as:
  • Credit to pay off ongoing loans
  • Credit to make up for the period when in between jobs
  • Credit for medical predicaments
  • Credit to give Credit Card bills
  • Credit for renovating the house
  • For Weddings and other such significant occasions
  • For education
  • For a Holiday

Modes of Repayment

Loan for a month

One-month short term loan is available for more than Rs.10,000/-with repayment period of within 30days with interest starting as low as 6%.

No Foreclosure Charges

You can prepay the loan at any time after three months from loan disbursal without any additional charges.

Repayment Process

You need to repay the loan through monthly EMIs as per the repayment schedule. A complete repayment schedule will be provided to the borrower.Every month EMI amount is to be paid to the shared account . Any delay or default in repayment will attract severe penalty.

Loan Pre-payment

You may also foreclose the loan without any charges after 1st EMI

Loan Completion

Once the total loan amount has been repaid in full along with all the dues, a loan closure certificate will be issued.