Peer to Peer


Peer to Peer concept

Peer to peer lending platforms provide a new asset class, an alternative investment option from stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and the like. The process is easy for a lender - apply to the platform, get approved, deposit funds, and browse the marketplace for loans to build a portfolio.

All the due diligence is done by OMC and a lender just needs to allocate his funds across borrowers to satisfy his own appetite for risk and return. Whether it’s someone looking to put their idle money to work or a strategic investor looking for higher returns, P2P lending is a new asset class with a tremendous upside potential. It is important to note that P2P lending cannot eliminate risk entirely.

Sometimes it is possible for a lender to lose their principal investment as the loans are unsecured and there is a possibility that the borrower may default. However, OMC offers multiple levels of risk mitigation which protects lenders from fraud or defaults. Become a Lender Advantages Transparent processes Greater returns Money is safe even if the platform shuts down Time saving.

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Membership charges

New Investors one time Registration fee of Rs 300 inclusive of taxes shall be applicable for opening account.

Documentation charges

Borrowers will be charged 1% or Rs.2500/- whichever is higher per loan for Document Preparation & Handling Charges. This amount will be deducted from the approved loan amount.

Transfer of funds and EMI payments

All the funds and Emi transfer shall be transferred to the shared account number on or before 5th of every month . If failing to do so Rs 1000/- shall be attracted as penalty fees and for first 10 days and thereafter for each day it will be 0.2% of outstanding loan amount.